Quick access to content

The Guidos Web App is a solution that can be quickly mobilized (no downloading, no account creation). By scanning a QR code, the visitor can access all the outdoor activities in a few clicks. 

Disseminate information in strategic locations

The QR code allows you to distribute content in strategic locations such as promotional materials, shop windows, rental equipment, etc.


























Integrate the Guidos universe into your web platform

The Widget is an ideal tool that allows you to integrate the Guidos universe directly into your web platform while preserving its ergonomics.





Accompany the visitor throughout his adventure

The GPS is the ideal tool for sports stores, hotels and tourist offices wishing to offer a virtual guide for cycling.

The GPS is a robust device that can be used in all conditions and temperatures.










Disseminate information at strategic locations

The Totem is an interactive and robust information terminal, placed at strategic locations and accessible at all times. The Totem can for example be coupled with e-bike charging stations.  



Centralized management and complete monitoring

Thanks to the Manager, the customer has all the cards in hand to manage his fleet of tools as well as its content in real time. This manager allows you to :

  • Customize each tool according to his needs
  • Manage the updating of content in real time, such as opening or closing a tour.
  • Access a detailed statistical analysis of all visitor activities (user profiles, tours taken, preferences, number of uses, etc.)










Consortium Guidos c/o Bed’n’Ride Sàrl, tokiwi SA

Rue de la Bârre 10, 3971 Chermignon-d’en-Bas (Valais, Suisse)


+41(0)79 812 39 49