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GUIDOS is a real GPS for bicycles that leads the user, turn by turn, on routes adapted to his level and his desires. Like a MTB guide, our application helps users find the ideal tour by analyzing their preferences in terms of trail type, slope, duration and elevation gain.

The tours offered by GUIDOS perfectly meet the specificities of the promoted sports disciplines. That’s why we differentiate our “MTB” tours from our “ebike” tours. The tours offered by GUIDOS are aimed at all riders, from beginners to expert mountain bikers.

The categorization of the tours within the application is simple, intuitive and standardized: blue tour (beginner), red tour (advanced) and black tour (expert). 

On request of a tourist region, GUIDOS can also propose already approved MTB tours. 


A real GPS for bicycles

The user is guided throughout the tour by a Turn-by-turn GPS navigation system. Arrowed indications help him in his progress.

Our innovative system also makes it possible to propose a route to the user so that he can get to the start of the selected tour.

In addition, in the event that the user makes a mistake during his tour, GUIDOS recalculates a route by proposing trails adapted to mountain biking and allows him to quickly find his route.

GUIDOS is particularly well suited to outdoor sports since the application operates in offline mode, i.e. even in environments without signal.

Point of interest

A promotional tool

GUIDOS is an ideal promotional tool for a tourist region since it allows the user to consult the details of the different points of interest that he can meet throughout his tour.

You can include charging stations, viewpoints, bikeshops, restaurants, bus stops or tourist offices.


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We create routes for all levels, specially designed for mountain biking and e-mountain biking. We also integrate your existing tours.



In the purpose that the user quickly finds a tour adapted to his expectations, our application offers a simple and intuitive dynamic filter system.


Our application guides the user to discover his route thanks to turn-by-turn GPS navigation. Arrowed indications help the user throughout its progress.


Our virtual guide can be used without an internet connection. In this case, a foreign user does not pay roaming fees. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to offer routes throughout your territory.


We offer you the opportunity to highlight the best places of your region by integrating points of interest along the routes. You can include ebike charging stations, viewpoints, bikeshops, restaurants, bus stops, tourist offices, etc.


You can customize the virtual guide to the color of your region and choose only features that interest you. Additional features may also be requested.

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